Tajine Me!

Hello everyone!

Just got my website back online, sorry I had to wait so long! I hope everyone’s having a wonderful year. I’ve been very busy in my new home studio, still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have a place this nice to work in! I have mixed up some new glazes I am excited to try out. Everyone seems to be requesting tajines lately (those Moroccan pots you steam things in that have volcano-looking tops).

So I’ve been just trying to build up inventory for any shows I may do this year, new seasonal products and more of the classics! I will be making NC mugs, tea sets, ornaments, necklaces, flower vases, pitchers, etc. Will keep you all posted on any upcoming events and in the meantime, feel free to email me or message me on social media if you see anything you like! Wishing everyone a productive month, here are a few photos of the pottery I’ve been working on lately:

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