B2B Social Marketing Tips

How do you get the most out of your digital marketing budget?

Here are a couple lists that put things into perspective and give you step-by-step guidelines on how to expand your reach and increase engagement.

15 Instagram Statistics Every B2B Marketer Needs To Know:

Here are 15 Instagram statistics that caught my eye as a designer starting to market in the B2B business world:

  1. Over 1 billion people actively use Instagram monthly
  2. 68% of people become more interested in a brand or product after viewing an Instagram story
  3. 500 million people use Instagram stories on a daily basis
  4. On average, the Instagram ‘like’ button is used 4.2 billion times per day
  5. 90 percent of user accounts follow a business on Instagram.
  6. 60% of Instagram users say they discover new products or services on the platform 
  7. 52% of Instagram users are women with 15% of them being between 18 and 24 years old 
  8. 11% of social media users in the US shop on Instagram
  9.  Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users
  10. Over 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily
  11. User-Generated content has a 4.5% higher chance of conversion
  12. 69% of US marketers plan to spend most of their influencer budget on Instagram 
  13. 7 out of 10 Instagram hashtags are branded hashtags
  14. 65% of top-performing posts on Instagram features a brand
  15. Nearly 66% of business profile visits come from non-followers

I’ve narrowed it down to 8 B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business on Instagram specifically, but the same rules apply to the other platforms with minor tweaks.

So it’s absolutely possible to successfully market a B2B brand on Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn, driving traffic, leads, and conversions. 

The next question, then, is how. How can B2B brands use Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn effectively?

Over the years I have tried different methods of reaching more viewers and increasing engagement. These are the 8 Best B2B Instagram Marketing Tips I have to give:

  1. Establish Platform-Specific Goals and Strategies
  2. Know Your Audience
  3. Optimize Your Profile and Posts for Instagram and LinkedIn Searches (SEO)
  4. Engage with:
    • Followers (follower campaigns to reach certain goals, incentives, sales, new products, fresh and consistent content, stories, posts and reels)
    • Commenters (quick and informative responses linking to direct products when needed)
    • & Other Brands (cross-marketing, comments, likes, messages and more)
    • Embrace All User-Generated Content
  5. Create New and Exciting Content: “Create a buzz!”
    • Post Images That Highlight Information and Data, Team photos, projects in-progress photos, new project plans, constant fresh content.
    • Showcase Your Physical Products (product photography)
    • Share Videos
    • Take Advantage of Instagram Stories
    • Post Unique and Authentic Content
    • Use Specific and Focused Hashtags
    • Prize Quality Over Quantity
  6. Target the Top of the Funnel:
    • Use Ads to Move Followers Through Your Funnel
  7. Use Location Filters, industry keywords, etc. (other industry-leading profiles are typically a good source to find the ones currently trending).
  8. Watch insights and engagement and see which posts perform the best and tweak and improve as you go!

I hope that was helpful! It is definitely a process, but easy to achieve with the right content and attention to detail. These are just pointers on how to get you started, so once you get the hang of it you will become the pro!

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